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Love this Earth as if you won’t be here tomorrow; show reverence for your garden as if you will be here forever.” (Old Scottish saying)

Managing the Tea Estates

For years, PT Sari Wangi AEA supply of loose tea came from government tea plantations (PTPN) and other private plantations. As the Company’s requirement increased with every passing year, - reaching 20,000 tonnes by 2010

PT MP Indorub Sumber Wadung (SW Plantations) and its operating tea estates: Patuahwattee, Alkaterie, and Nirmala. A total hectare of 4,000 in 3 different areas in West Java employing a total of 5500 community in the estates area. The plantations built by Deutch and Belgium during 1900. A combination of low land (600-750 m) and high-land tea estates starting at 1200 - 2500m above sea level.